Solving problems using software-powered systems.

I am and I'm here to help.

Which of the following best describes your situation?

I have a problem.

I can develop ideas to solve your problem. It can be a problem you want to solve for others as a business, a problem within your business, or any problem where you think software can help.

I have an idea.

I can prototype a system implementing the idea to quickly test if it solves your problem well. It can be an app or a process, internal or public, anything as long as software is the key (but not necessarily the only) ingredient. I can help refine your idea, too.

I have a system.

I can improve or fix your system. I'll help in architecture, fixing bugs, optimizing your development process, security, DevOps, among others.

Email the details of your problem to marteignorethis@talaksan.com and let's talk!

I'll reply with my initial assessment and how we can progress towards a solution. If I figure that I cannot help you in your problem, I will let you know as well.

I engage in tasks as quick as a couple of hours to a few months. I live in the Philippines, so I work during the day of Asia-Pacific timezones (e.g. Singapore, Australia).

I love solving problems, with software as my primary tool. I've been programming professionally since college (more than 16 years now). Most of my experiences came from being ex-CTO and co-founder of Insync.

I've touched many aspects of software construction and its development lifecycle. I'm very skilled at:

  • End-to-end architecture, design, and implementation
  • Desktop app development
  • Database schema design
  • Security
  • Networking and Web/Cloud APIs
  • Web app development
  • System administration
  • DevOps
  • Training and management of engineers

I have great experience on starting up a company, building its culture and products from the ground.

I know plenty of programming languages and I'm most fluent in Python. I did a talk on asyncio in PyCon APAC 2019 and won the Python tournament in PyCon APAC 2012.

Aside from providing a living, coding is recreational for me. Sport programming gives elation in getting that AC, with a bonus of making me proficient in data structures and algorithms. Some of my achievements include:

Hackathons are fun in a different way, with a bonus of learning new technologies, paradigms, and problem domains. I've competed and won some along the way:

While in college, I created an open source PHP framework called Hypworks, which was used in production by Friendster Philippines and Eskwela.ph. As a member of UP Linux Users' Group, I contributed to the Halalan open source voting system, which was used by the University of the Philippines.

Besides programming, I also love rock climbing.